Brooklyn-based Rules existed from 2014 – 2015. They loved all indie rock that shimmers and jangles. Together the 4-piece shaped angular pop tunes into their own version of bummed out beachgaze that included songs about Golden State dreams, the brooding power of girl cults, and awkwardness of modern life. With layered guitars, 3-part vocal harmonies, dub-inspired basslines and syncopated beats, Rules found a comfortable home between 1980s post-punk and 1990s shoegaze.

Rules was Marisha, Eleanor, Sophia, and Chuck, who are each deeply involved in Brooklyn’s independent art and music scene. Guitarist and vocalist Marisha (Slang King, Corita, The Consultants, Rattus rattus) is determined to pet all the dogs; Guitarist and vocalist Eleanor (Corita, Perils) is a writer who loves unicorns; Drummer Sophia is a performance artist who also plays in the band Penis; Bassist and vocalist Chuck (Little,Big, Butterknife, Sunset Guns) has never played guitar.

l-1Corita was a Brooklyn-based indie rock band that existed from 2008 to 2013. They delivered the shimmery guitars of UK shoegaze, the jangly melodies of C86, creeping angular post-punk rhythms, and overdriven choruses that hark back the best of 1990s indie rock overlaid with three-girl vocal harmonies.

On the 2011 EP Memento Mori, Corita explores the hazards of late capitalism, cinematic European daydreams, animal friends, and human enemies. Named for the visual artist, and former nun, Sister Corita Kent, the songs are a vision shared by four experienced musicians. Guitarist and vocalist Marisha found her sound as the leader of the cult-favorite indie-pop group The Consultants, while drummer Nick honed his skills in the Pacific Northwest punk scene of the 1990s. Bassist and vocalist Aileen delivered an encyclopedic knowledge of post-punk sounds, and guitarist and vocalist Eleanor brought a love of angular melodies and syncopated rhythms from her training as a jazz musician. As a band Corita was the shared vision of four close friends who imagine music as a conduit to a more fulfilling everyday reality.

…dreamy pop goodness…Some bands are born out of time and place and it’s truly too bad that they weren’t around in the 4AD heyday of 80’s gloomy England as they would have fit right in.

I got flashes of Sonic Youth and Sleater-Kinney, but I’ll end the comparisons there as they have their own shoegaze/ethereal sound going on.

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