Eleanor Callott Whitney’s nonfiction writing focuses on art, culture, food, media, social justice, innovative business practices, nonprofit management and creative entrepreneurship.  Her writing has been featured in publications such as Bitch Magazine, Remedy Quarterly, the Youth Media Reporter, and Venus Zine, and on websites such as Weird Sister, Art F City, FindSpark, Boxx Magazine, ArtsFwd and Idealist.org.  She also writes personal essays that explore questions of identity, feminism, history, place and culture on an intimate level.

Trained as a bookbinder and letterpress printer, Eleanor Whitney also creates zines and artist books. Since 1998 she has published the personal zine Indulgence and from 2004 to 2007 she was a co-founding editor of the queer feminist art journal riffRAG, which highlighted artwork created by emerging “under the radar” artists.  She also makes posters and prints.

Writing Samples

How to network without being creepy,” Hustle Summit/FindSpark, September 2016

How to Make a Budget for a 20-Foot Butter Sculpture of Donald Trump’s Face,” Art F City June 2016

5 Steps to Take the Pain Out of Grant Writing for Artists,” Art F City May 2016

Not hiding behind her skirt: An interview with Aurora Lady,” Weird Sister May 2016

“Deap Vally: Filling the hole left by by… Hole,” Boxx Magazine, November 2013

“Getting the courage to quit your day job,” Dear Handmade Life, October 2013

“Envision Success: Where do you want your handmade business to go?” Dear Handmade Life, August 2013

“How to create time for your passion project,” Idealist.org, August 2013

“Sarah Negahdari Finds Her Medium in the Happy Hollows,” Boxx Magazine, July 2013

“A story of many Eleanors but only one Friedberger,” Boxx Magazine, June 2013

“Community and Crowdfunding Success,” DIY Business Association, March 2013

“On the Line With… Veronica Falls” Boxx Magazine, March 2013

Dear creative person: Is it time to shift your thinking about money?”  DIY Business Association, May 2012

Can We Break the Glass Ceiling of Arts Leadership?” ArtsFwd.org, April 2012

Three Takeaways From the Debate About Equality,” ArtsFwd.org, January 2012

An Interview with Impractical Labor in the Service of the Speculative Arts,” NYFA Current, September 2011

Eleanor Whitney on Last Seen Entering the Biltmore,” NYFA Current, August 2011

“Dumpster Diving, Tofu + Zines,” Remedy Quarterly, Issue 6  “Stealing”

“In praise of zines: pushing paper in the digital age,” Bitch Magazine, January 2006

Eleanor Whitney contributed regularly to the following sites:

Dear Handmade Life: Bi-weekly column entitled “Grow Your DIY Business” focused on advice for creative entrepreneurs

ArtsFwd.org: Blog-style articles focusing on innovative practices in the nonprofit arts

Idealist.org Career Blog: tips for mid-career nonprofit professionals navigating the next steps in their careers

Boxx Magazine: profiles, album and concert reviews focused on female musicians

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network-NYC: monthly blog posts about professional development and nonprofit policy

For the DIY Business Association she co-developed the Creative Money Maker, which shared financial advice that feels good for creative people and wrote a monthly profile of a do it yourself businesses.

From 2009 to 2011 Eleanor Whitney wrote book, music and film reviews for Elevate Difference, a site focused on reviews from a feminist perspective.

From 2008 to 2010 Eleanor Whitney wrote live music and album reviews, as well as profiles of bands and feature articles, for Venus Zine and VenusZine.com.

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